Fandom Foodie: Kirby’s Maxim Tomato and Apple Ketchup

“Your spirit is willing but your pink flesh is weak.”
-Metaknight, Kirby, Right Back At Ya!

Believe it or not, but I used to be a…”Kirby Fanartist”. I drew many Kirbies back in the day! So, I’ll have you know that this piece was really easy once I channeled my expert Kirby rendering skills from the age of 12. For a pink puffball, he’s pretty tough! He inhales his enemies and gains wicked cool powers. Plus, he’s one of the best characters in Super Smash Brothers.

Here’s a BBQ sauce recipe that uses one of the health-recovery items from the Kirby series, the Maxim Tomato! Also, you get to use some Dreamland Apples! Ideally you should use in-season tomatoes and in-season apples…but pick one or the other if you can’t get both at the same time.

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Macazu Sauce: with Raw Zucchini, Macadamia Nut Butter and Roasted Garlic [Dairy Free]

I may have mentioned it once before–I am doing the Whole30 this month! I’m just over halfway through. This isn’t too different than anything I’ve done before, except for one thing…dairy. Before this month, I’d never actually given up dairy before. I love Cheese and Butter, what can I say? However, I’m definitely one for playing by the rules, and Cheese has been put aside for now.

When I made this sauce, it was like my dreams came true! It’s creamy and savoury and delicious. You won’t believe it. Pour it over steamed Spaghetti Squash or Zucchini noodles, and you’ll be in creamy pasta heaven! Seriously, I made it myself, and I kept getting nervous that I was accidentally eating cream.

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Grilled Rack of Lamb with Chimichurri Sauce

I find that Lamb is one meat that really polarizes people. They either love it, or hate it. I do note that it does have quite a distinct taste, but rather than finding that off putting, it is actually one of the things that I really love about Lamb. We don’t have it for dinner all that often, but when we do, it’s a real treat! I honour this special occasion by whipping up a batch of spicy Chimichurri Sauce. It’s a Cilantro and Parsley based sauce, with lots of Garlic and Red Pepper Flakes for kick. It goes perfectly with Lamb, and I urge you to try both of these delights in concert!

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Fandom Foodie: Pac Man’s Cherry Sauce

Ah yes, let’s start things off with something truly classic. I doubt that there’s any gamer out there, young or old, who hasn’t at least heard of Pac Man. I also bet that it’s highly likely that many of you have also played Pac Man, in some form. At the very least, you should be familiar with the imagery! That iconic yellow circle with a slice missing…those little ghosts…the cherries…

Yes, the Cherries! They are the key ingredient in this Pac Man inspired BBQ Sauce! The mix of flavours and spices makes this sauce not overly overwhelming on the Cherry flavour. It’s just a nice blend of sweet and savory, with a gorgeous red colour.  Those ghosts won’t know what hit them!

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Apricot Ginger BBQ Sauce

As I’ve mentioned previously…we love to BBQ! We love BBQ Sauce! I like to keep things exciting, so I am constantly dreaming up new Sauces to slather on our grilled meats. The other day I came across a big package of Apricots at my local fruit market, and I decided to dream up a little Apricot-based sauce. This Sauce is great on Chicken, Pork Ribs, and Wings. It’s a good mix of sweet and tart, with a bit of heat from the Ginger.

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Spicy Serrano Mango Sauce

There are many things that I love. Here are some of those things: wings, and ribs, and grilled chicken breast. I also love something that goes with all these things: hot sauces. Particularly I have a weakness for spicy sauces that contain Mango. However, all the little bottles of pre-made hot sauces that I’ve come across either have bad ingredients or a lot of added sugar, and the ones that don’t have any weird additives are just so darned small! You pay out the nose for a little drop of sauce! And hey, I like my wings, ribs and chicken breast to be saucy as heck! Thus, I took it upon myself to resolve this little problem by making my own sauce. A Spicy Serrano Mango Sauce. It’s just the right balance of heat and sweet. If you love Mango and if you like your life a little on the spicy side, then you may just have a hard time resisting just eating this with a spoon.

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Deadly Horseradish Sauce

There’s a fantastic little Fruit Market in the area where I work. The produce is great, and for a really tiny store, he carries a fantastic variety, including a great organic selection. I’ll often pop in there and get some inspiration for a dish. The owner is always stocking interesting and unusual things…sometimes things I’ve never seen before! Recently I saw that he had a little sign on the door which read, “We are selling Fresh Horseradish!!!!” Now, my Dad and I love prepared Horseradish with our steak! However, commercial prepared Horseradish tends to contain all sorts of odd and unwanted ingredients. I figured it was fate calling me to make my own!

Now, I will warn you…this is strong stuff! Don’t try this without taking some precautions.

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Sausage and Red Pepper Tomato Sauce

There’s just something about a really hearty and flavourful red sauce. It’s definitely something that I crave! Luckily, I have been taught by the best–my Mom–and I know how to make a killer one. Luckily for you, I am going to share that recipe. This makes a big batch. Have some for dinner, and then freeze the rest. You will be very happy the next time the craving hits you; All the hard work will already be done!

Pepper and Sausage Sauce

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