Beef and Pumpkin Stew

Now that the weather is turning cold, it’s nice to come home to a warm and delicious meal. Here’s a hearty and warming stew that combines beef and pumpkin, with a little bit of hot spice, and some lovely fall flavours. I used Purple Haze Carrots from my sister’s garden, hence the purple ones in my illustration, but regular orange carrots would also do! This dish was inspired by this recipe, from Civilized Caveman.

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Creamy Chard with Bacon and Mushrooms

Thanks so much to Organic Meadow for featuring my previous post on their Facebook page! Here’s a recipe I came up with that makes more creative use of their organic cream. It also was a fantastic way for me to use the bounty of Swiss Chard that my Dad and sister harvested from their farming efforts this season.

Of course, this is an illustration blog, so here’s an image I whipped up to get your appetite going for this dish.

Creamy Chard with Mushrooms and Bacon

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Organic Meadow

Lately, eating well has become very important to me–especially eating things that are minimally processed and contain no harmful ingredients or additives. If it’s organic, that’s even better! In a quest to find a source for high quality cream and other dairy products that contain no carrageenan, corn starch or other such nonsense, I was extremely happy to happen upon Organic Meadow! Organic Meadow is a Ontario based, farmer-owned co-operative that produces amazingly delicious and fantastically good-for-you organic products. I’d gotten used to my coffee black, but let me tell you, their Organic Half and Half is delightful. (Not to mention the Organic Whipping Cream…) Let me tell you–when your cream has only one ingredient and it happens to be cream…you know you’re making the right choice.

So, I put together a little illustration to show my love; as a tribute to their great products and inspiring company vision.

Now, if your local grocery store doesn’t carry them, just fill out a product request form¬†[PDF]! What are you waiting for? Yum!

The Goat Warrior

It might be fairly obvious by now, but I’m pretty into goats. I consider them to be my power animal. Actually, I’m an Aries, which is a ram, but I identify more with the stubbornness of goats. So, of course, when I started thinking about designing myself a costume to manifest this animal spirit I began with the headgear. Horns.

It was about a year in the making, from the first sketch, to finding the fabric, to manufacturing the skull, working with the fabric, making revisions…and finally…completion!

During the fall I had an opportunity to do a photoshoot with the very talented Mike Kowalek of I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!¬†Winter’s setting in, and this costume is not meant for cold weather, so I felt compelled to do an illustration of the final design to draw a close on this costume for the season. Enough chatter, here’s the art!

Goat Warrior

Check out the initial designs and sketches!

This isn’t the last you’ll see of this incarnation of the Goat Warrior, though she may be manifesting herself in a new form soon…