Grilled Salad with Camembert and Herbes de Province — Plus CONTEST! *Contest now closed*

Wow, things have been a little quiet around here…sorry about that! I’d been overseas, away from my kitchen and out of the studio, which made it a little difficult to cook and draw. But now I’m back, and ready for action. The lovely spring weather we’ve suddenly been gifted with is really inspiring in so many ways! Though we Canadians never stop barbecuing, I’m sure that the change in temperature has inspired many people to dust off their grills. Today I have for you a grilled salad that takes advantage of this outdoorsy cooking contraption!

This contest is now closed! Thank you for entering!
But first I’d like to announce a contest! It’s my first contest, in fact, so I’m pretty excited. Here’s what you can win!

The Grand Prize: A Recipe and Illustration developed and created by me, featuring your favourite fruit or vegetable. You’ll be mailed a poster of the Illustration, signed by myself!

Here’s how to enter!
Comment on this post with your favourite fruit or vegetable AND either:

  • Follow Alex Boake – Illustration on Facebook or Twitter, AND/OR;
  • Draw me a doodle of your favourite fruit or vegetable, and link to it in the post.

Want additional entries?
Share this post on Facebook or Tweet about the contest!

You can get up to 5 entries, one each for the social media follows, one for your drawing, and one for each share or tweet. Just let me know in the comment what you did, and you will be entered accordingly. If you’re already a follower on Facebook or Twitter, awesome! You can still enter, just let me know when you comment with your fruit or vegetable.

The contest closes on April 12th at 12:00 AM EDT. I’ll get in touch with the winner, and the recipe will be posted about two weeks from the end of the contest. The poster will be mailed to the winner after the post goes live!
I look forward to hearing everyones’ favourite fruits and vegetables, and seeing peoples’ doodles!
This contest is now closed! Thank you for entering!

Now, how about that salad?

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Pip Goes To Market! A Three Goats Tuff Tale

Well, I’m still on the other side of the ocean, slacking off, seeing amazing things and eating good food. I know, I am a terrible person! But, I am trying to redeem myself. Here’s a small mini-book that I self published late last year, that hasn’t been shown in its entirety online until now! It features Pip, a little goat with a love for farmer’s markets, stamps and eating unusual things.

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Magic Anchovy Salad – and Boaketique Now Open!

Hi everyone! Things have been crazy since the start of the year, and are currently showing no signs of slowing. Rather than being a problem, this is actually quite awesome. I’m currently overseas in London, England, and won’t be back until the end of the month, but rather than let this blog go dormant while I’m away, I prepared some tasty and fun content in advance.
Just to keep things exciting for you as well as for me, I thought I should let you know that I’m now offering some shirts for sale, via Spreadshirt, over at my new store, which I have dubbed The Boaketique.

Right now I have just one design, but there shall certainly be more to come. Things can get at least 60% more fishy in your wardrobe with this Anchovy Apparel!

You may recognize the design from my earlier post, featuring some illustrations on mugs. If you’re looking to get one of these mugs, feel free to contact me directly at, or wait a few weeks as I may be getting an Etsy shop up and running soon.

This shirt design was inspired by my boyfriend Mike’s Dad’s favourite salad. The special ingredient? Anchovies, of course! I elaborated on the initial mug design to bring you this feature recipe illustration, with the recipe to follow!

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