Grilled Salad Photoshoot

Let me confess that things have been extremely busy lately! I’ve been cooking a lot, of course, but the time for illustrating has been short. Fear not, I have some deliciousness coming your way very soon…but for now let me tempt you with a new iteration of previous recipe. I recently acquired a DSLR when my super cool photographer boyfriend, Mike Kowalek, upgraded his camera to the Nikon D800. Yes, I am now in possession of a very sweet Nikon D7000. Now, I’m not switching teams to the ways of the photographer, don’t be too concerned. I still live and breathe illustration. But let me show you some photographs of one of my sexiest salads…The Grilled Salad with Herbes de Province!

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Latin Lasagna from She Cooks, He Cleans

Lasagna. In my opinion, it’s one of the ultimate comfort foods. It’s also something that I hadn’t been able to seek comfort in for quite a long while since I had gone gluten and grain-free over a year ago. That all changed when this recipe from my good friends over at She Cooks, He Cleans popped onto my radar. It combines scrumptious Latin flavours, a perfect balance of savory and sweet, a generous serving of cheesy goodness, and, in a stroke of pure genius, separates the layers with thinly sliced plantains. It’s a bit of effort, but believe me, you won’t be craving regular lasagna after you get a taste of this baby! Gluten-free or not, you’d be crazy not to make this! I made a couple of tweaks to suit what I had in the pantry, but the essence of the recipe remains.

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Spicy Serrano Mango Sauce

There are many things that I love. Here are some of those things: wings, and ribs, and grilled chicken breast. I also love something that goes with all these things: hot sauces. Particularly I have a weakness for spicy sauces that contain Mango. However, all the little bottles of pre-made hot sauces that I’ve come across either have bad ingredients or a lot of added sugar, and the ones that don’t have any weird additives are just so darned small! You pay out the nose for a little drop of sauce! And hey, I like my wings, ribs and chicken breast to be saucy as heck! Thus, I took it upon myself to resolve this little problem by making my own sauce. A Spicy Serrano Mango Sauce. It’s just the right balance of heat and sweet. If you love Mango and if you like your life a little on the spicy side, then you may just have a hard time resisting just eating this with a spoon.

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Alex in the Flavour Studio

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying all my recipes lately! Have to say, I know I have…they are pretty delicious. Also, they are fun to draw, too, so win/win for me. While I was grilling up some vegetables the other day, I was doing a little sketching, and this time I wasn’t drawing food! This is pretty surprising, since lately my work has been pretty exclusively food-based.

But, y’know, I’ve recently felt some little tickles of inspiration. So, I wanted to announce what may be a fairly occasional column as an addition to my regular recipe illustration postings. The Flavour Studio. They will be food and flavour inspired illustrations, that will not necessarily feature the ingredients exclusively. What does that mean? Well, you’ll have to wait and see. For now I leave you this illustration of myself with some of my tools of the trade.

Until next time!

Grain-free Chocolate Raspberry Banana Pancakes

The other day there was simply no denying it. I kind of, sort of, really wanted pancakes. Not just any pancakes. Chocolate pancakes studded with Raspberries and topped with Maple Syrup. I was also brunching solo, so I only needed to whip up enough for my incredibly ravenous self. I must admit, this recipe was based off of this lovely Banana Pancake recipe from TGIPaleo. She has tons of awesome recipes, so check her out after you whip yourself up a batch of these babies.

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Shroom Chops

This particular recipe was born out of necessity. See, we’d traveled for a ski vacation, and our lodgings had cooking facilities, so we brought along a bunch of meat in a cooler. It was winter, obviously, since we were going skiing. Now, at home, we BBQ all winter, so we figured we’d be able to fire up the grill there as well! Turns out they shut down the BBQ facilities for the winter. Go figure! So, I got called upon to come up with a tasty recipe for oven-baked Pork Chops, and here’s what I came up with! We’ve made this many times since, so I’d say it was a success.

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