Fandom Foodie: Link’s Flying Hyrule Chicken Wings

“I… I shall consume. Consume… consume everything…” -The Moon, Majora’s Mask

Ah, Zelda. I have to admit, I’m a little biased. The Legend of Zelda is probably my favourite game series of all time! Many an hour of my youth was spent killing Keese and Stalfos in Temples. Getting violated by Redead in the streets of Hyrule Town! Being berated by Ruto in the belly of Jabu Jabu! And that pesky Ganon! Always causing trouble! Many an hour was also spent running away from chickens, who, once enraged, are apparently immortal and more powerful than Ganondorf himself. Go figure! Here’s a little tasty serving of revenge. A crunchy coating with moist chicken inside. You’d never guess it’s grain-free! Check your local bulk store, such as Bulk Barn for the alternative Flours listed.

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Grilled Rack of Lamb with Chimichurri Sauce

I find that Lamb is one meat that really polarizes people. They either love it, or hate it. I do note that it does have quite a distinct taste, but rather than finding that off putting, it is actually one of the things that I really love about Lamb. We don’t have it for dinner all that often, but when we do, it’s a real treat! I honour this special occasion by whipping up a batch of spicy Chimichurri Sauce. It’s a Cilantro and Parsley based sauce, with lots of Garlic and Red Pepper Flakes for kick. It goes perfectly with Lamb, and I urge you to try both of these delights in concert!

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Fandom Foodie: Chell’s The Cake is a Lie Cupcakes

Anyway, this cake is great. It’s so delicious and moist.“―GLaDOS

Yes, Cake. But it’s not quite what you think.

This recipe was inspired by Portal and my friend Jan’s Sweet Potato Cupcakes. The concept is similar, but flavour-wise these are quite different. A Chocolate Chili flavoured Meat base, and Sweet Potato Icing with a hint of Vanilla to top. Add a Cherry Tomato and the illusion is complete. At least until the first bite. Fool your guests!

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Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Generally speakIng, Bacon wrapped anything is magical. Asparagus, which is already tasty, is taken to a whole new level when enclosed in porky goodness. Now, Asparagus season is pretty much over, but it is one of the few vegetables my picky picky little sister will eat, so we tend to eat it all year. Everyone has their own version of this recipe, here’s mine! 

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Fandom Foodie: Pac Man’s Cherry Sauce

Ah yes, let’s start things off with something truly classic. I doubt that there’s any gamer out there, young or old, who hasn’t at least heard of Pac Man. I also bet that it’s highly likely that many of you have also played Pac Man, in some form. At the very least, you should be familiar with the imagery! That iconic yellow circle with a slice missing…those little ghosts…the cherries…

Yes, the Cherries! They are the key ingredient in this Pac Man inspired BBQ Sauce! The mix of flavours and spices makes this sauce not overly overwhelming on the Cherry flavour. It’s just a nice blend of sweet and savory, with a gorgeous red colour.  Those ghosts won’t know what hit them!

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Announcing a new Recipe Illustration Series: Fandom Foodie

Hi there ladies and gentlemen! It’s quite likely that most of the people currently reading this blog stumbled upon me due to my recipe posts, which is awesome! I am very passionate about cooking and illustrating food. Running this blog has lead to me many new and fun opportunities, especially in the foodie community. It’s allowed me to fuse two of my primary interests: illustration and cooking.

Currently, I’ve had this little idea brewing in my head; why not combine my interests even further! Yes, my most recent project will combine illustration, cooking and…fandom. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that I will keep posting delicious recipes, so rest easy on that one! Now, I’m planning on compiling these recipes into a little book, eventually, so I must confess that not all of the content I will be creating for this series will be posted to the blog. If you want everything, you’ll just have to get your hands on the book, somehow… ; )

So, what am I sourcing from, exactly? Current recipes in the works include references to Portal, Studio Ghibli Films, Pixar, The Legend of Zelda, and many more. I’ll spill the beans on the theme of the first one: Pac-Man.

Look forward to it!

Fancy Portobello Burgers

There’s something about Hamburgers that scream summer, to me. This might be because it’s our summer family tradition to head up to our small farm and cook Burgers over an open flame, with a grill balanced precariously between two rocks. The open breeze, the sun, the smoke…it’s all part of the experience! Now, I don’t do the ‘bun thing’ anymore, but I also don’t like breaking tradition, so here’s what my Burger looks like!

Our cooking style may be rustic, but our toppings are haute cuisine! Guacamole, Brie Cheese, Roasted Red Peppers, Dijon Mustard…

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