Top 10 Gluten-Free Illustrated Recipes of 2012

Wow, the year is drawing to a close! I’ve had some memorable moments and milestones this year. Also, I’ve done a TON of cooking. One thing this blog has done for me is turn me into quite the chef! Here are my top 10 recipes of this year, listed from least to most popular!

Grain-free Chocolate Raspberry Banana Pancakes

Delicious and secretly healthy Grain-free Pancakes.

Grilled Salad with Camembert and Herbes de Province

A perfect hot grilled salad with fresh vegetables and melted cheese.

Jan’s Meatloaf Cupcakes with Sweet Potato Frosting

My tasty collaboration with Jan of Jan’s Sushi Bar!

Super Garlic Cabbage Salad

If you like Garlic, you will LOVE this salad.

Link’s Flying Hyrule Chicken Wings

Gluten-free chicken wings for your favourite Hyrulian.

Beef and Pumpkin Stew

An easy and delicious slow cooker stew with pumpkin and cacao.

Sausage and Red Pepper Tomato Sauce

Makes a huge batch so you can freeze and enjoy the deliciousness as you desire!

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

A perfect holiday morning brunch!

The Domestic Man’s Korean Short Ribs

My collaboration with Russ of The Domestic Man fame!

Spicy Sweet Sausage Hash

A super simple and quick hash with Sweet Potato and Sausage. 

There you have it folks! Did you catch all of these in the last year, or did you miss a few?! Rest assured, there will be even more deliciousness coming your way in 2013! Have a very healthy and happy New Year. : )

Fandom Foodie: My Little Pony Applejack’s Jacked Up Apple Custard

” Okay, all you high-class ponies. Here’s a highfalutin’ apple cake for your hoity-toity taste buds.”
-Applejack, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Let me confess: I used to be an ENORMOUS My Little Pony fan. Yes, I recall, in kindergarten, my friends and I would always duke it out over who got to have the jeweled unicorn pony from the class toybox. At home, I also had a few ponies…and a pony house…flutter ponies…sea ponies… *cough*

These days I am not really what you’d call a pony fanatic, but I can definitely see the appeal! The current show seems to be quite entertaining, and has garnered many fans…young and old…female and…male. I have only the utmost respect for these self-proclaimed Bronies! Heck, I thought I’d ruin my street cred by professing my love for rainbow coloured ponies, but you guys are out there flying your sparkling pony flag, strong and proud! ; )

Now now, here’s a dessert that’s inspired by the fruitiest pony…Applejack, of course! It’s a little spicy, a little creamy and sweetened only with apples. Delicious!

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