Friday Foodle: Kiwi

Yes I’m back again! Bet you thought I’d have given up already! Nope, this is one resolution I’m keeping. I cheated a bit this week in the sense that I asked for new suggestions and then went with my second choice from the previous week’s suggestions. It’s Tim’s Kiwi today! Exciting!

Another illustrated fruit, just for you guys. In case you’re wondering why I picked fruit, it’s because I seldom eat it, so I don’t have much cause to illustrate it for my recipes. It’s so pretty, though!

Wishing you the happiest of Fridays!

Friday Foodle: Fig

It’s that time of the week again! Yup, it’s another food doodle for your viewing pleasure! The first week I just picked what I wanted, but last week and this week I asked for peoples’ favourite fruits over on my Facebook Page and then I picked from the responses. This seems to be fun for all parties involved, so I’ll probably make it a tradition, unless I have something in mind. Basically: if you happen to visit my page on a Friday night and supply me with a response, I might just draw your suggestion!

This week it’s Karen’s favourite, the fig! An illustrated fig to delight your eyeballs! I do like figs myself, but I find their soft fleshy peel to be a little disturbing. They sure are pretty, though.

Soon I’ll be finishing up a major project I’ve been working on that’s been taking my time away from my personal work, so you should be seeing more recipes from me fairly shortly. Until then, please enjoy these humble doodles, and stop by my page to make your suggestions. Next week it might be your favourite fruit! Happy Friday!

Friday Foodle: Satsuma

I’ve always been one of those kids who does their homework at the last possible second. Yesterday night I remembered that I was going to do this weekly, and put out an emergency call for suggestions on my Facebook Page. I had some interesting suggestions for favourite fruits, including George Takei…but ultimately I went with Bill of Primal Palate fame’s suggestion of Satsuma.

Enjoy! Happy Friday!

Friday Foodle: Red Pepper

For 2013 I’m introducing a new feature: Friday Foodles. They’re doodles of food and I will be posting them on Fridays–hopefully every week! Compared to my recipe illustrations they might be underwhelming, but it’s been tough to dedicate the time to full recipe posts, so I’m hoping this will keep me from getting rusty, and will spark me to increase the recipe flow. They might be pencil sketches at worst, and at best they may be mini watercolour paintings. Only time will tell!

This week: Red Pepper

Happy Friday! …and be sure to enter my CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY!

Chocosol Chocolate Giveaway! Sustainable, Fair Trade, Soy-free

My love affair with Chocosol Traders began at the Evergreen Brickworks Farmers’ Market one Saturday morning this past summer. First thing that grabbed my attention was their eye-catching skull adorned packaging. The second thing was their bike powered blender, whipping up frothy drinking chocolate. I left the market with a little cup of that delicious chocolate drink and things haven’t been the same since!

After that fateful day I began noticing them at many of the other Farmers’ Markets that I attend, and of course I decided to try out some of their chocolate bars. Let me tell you, they are delicious! All the ingredients are organic, and locally sourced wherever possible. The cacao is horizontally and fair traded. The beans are stone ground and the bars are made without gluten, soy, nuts or dairy products. Can you say perfection, or what? Being stone ground the texture isn’t as fine as say a Lindt bar, but that’s part of the charm.

“Our artisan chocolate is made right here in Toronto using organic, forest garden, shade-grown cacao, sourced directly from indigenous communities in the Lacondon Jungle of Chiapas and the Oaxacan mountains of Southern Mexico. Our horizontal trade relationships go beyond the exchange of commodities and bring symbolic products, whose story is as important as the product itself. Our relationships are based on reciprocity, friendship, respect and mutual learning.”

Now that’s a tasty initiative! Being so locally-focused, they sell only in a handful of retail locations in Toronto, directly at Farmers’ Markets, and from their Cacao Loft where all the magic happens. I had the chance to go there and take a chocolate making class. It was wicked cool! They showed us all the aspects of their process, including their composting project in the basement. All their compostable cups and organic waste from the markets and their operation becomes food for their earthworms. The soil is sent to their local suppliers who grow some of their ingredients.

Chocosol is so inspirational and the people who run it are incredibly nice and delightful. In a chocolate-fueled art-frenzy this poster was born as a tribute. I must admit that I am very proud of it!

 I wish I could share their chocolate with everyone, but alas I can’t possibly do that. However, I do want to make more people aware of their efforts and their products, so I am holding this giveaway!


Prize Pack 1 (Approximate Retail Value $50):

  • Hemp Gold 6 Square Bar
  • Raw Vanilla 6 Square Bar
  • 5 Chili Bullet 6 Square Bar
  • Darkness 6 Square Bar
  • Luscious Coconut 12 Square Bar
  • 1 Mini Print of my Chocosol Traders Poster

If this contest reaches 40 entrants, a second prize pack will be unlocked!

How to Enter
Two of these steps are required, and they will score you ONE entry to the giveaway. The rest are optional, but they will score you additional bonus entries. Comment once, and once only, with all of the things you have done to enter. You can get up to 4 entries total.

Required to Enter

Bonus Entries

Again, comment on this post to enter, and please try post only once with all the steps you did to enter. This giveaway will close Sunday January 13th, 2013 at midnight. Open to residents of Canada and the USA. The winner will be contacted by email so that the chocolate can be shipped to them. This is not a sponsored contest, the chocolate was all purchased by me, and I have torturously resisted eating it. ; ) Good luck everyone!

They don’t have an online store, but I did ask, and they said that it would be possible to email them directly for a shipping quote.