Paleo Sweet Potato Chili with Beef and Red Peppers [Legume-free, Gluten-free, Paleo]

This recipe is one that I dreamed up specifically to serve with the Bacon Jalapeno Bread I posted last week. Thinking that it would be perfect with a rich and textural Chili sauce…and it was! They complimented each other perfectly. Plus, I was able to throw this together in the morning and focus on the baking before dinner without getting distracted by multitasking. This is delicious, and you’ll definitely love it! The extras freeze wonderfully, and it tastes even better the next day as leftovers.

Yes, it’s another step-by-step recipe! I’m mostly switching to this format now after all the positive feedback. Cheers!

Brent and Heather’s Bacon Jalapeno Bread [Gluten-free, Paleo and Primal friendly]

Like I mentioned, I’ve been taking on some recipe trades lately to get things flowing. My latest effort on that attempt is this beauty! It comes from Brent and Heather over at Virginia is for Hunter Gatherers. I became aware of them through Russ, The Domestic Man. They have tons of delicious-looking recipes, with tasty photos! It was a bit tough to decide which recipe I should pick. Well, that’s not entirely true, this one was a definite stand-out for me! Even the name is enticing: Bacon Jalapeno Bread.

I must say that I didn’t pick wrong; this bread was awesome, and paired perfectly with the slow cooker Chili I whipped up for the occasion. (I’ll post that recipe soon.) Just a couple of tweaks on my end, like adding a bit of tapioca flour which I find improves the texture in ‘Paleo’ baked goods, and adding parchment paper for easier removal from the pan.

Well, enough blabbing, check it out! Click for full size!

Make sure you go and check out some more of Brent and Heather’s recipes. Hope you enjoy it!

Breakfast Stuffed Sweet Potato [Primal, Paleo-friendly, Gluten-free]

In an attempt to amp up the awesome around here I’ve taken on a couple recipe trades! The first one of this new series is with Jan, the genius behind Jan’s Sushi Bar. Everything she posts is inspired and lovely–plus, I’ve never had any of the recipes of her’s that I’ve tried go wrong. They’re always perfect and delicious! Perhaps my versions aren’t as lovely, but they sure are tasty!

When I saw her post her recipe for the Breakfast Stuffed Sweet Potato I knew I had to make it. In fact I think I made it the next day! Then I managed to convince her that we should do a recipe trade. YEAH! This recipe is super filling and delicious and is actually exceedingly uncomplicated. I think it would blow anyone away, taste and presentation-wise.

Breakfast Stuffed Sweet Potato – Photo by Jan’s Sushi Bar

How could you see that and not be tempted! Here’s my illustration, complete with instructions. Click image for full size.

Oh, and if you have a little too much filling to stuff in, just eat it. A delicious ‘problem’! ; )

Make sure you go and check out more of Jan’s recipes, including the one that will be posted today, her version of one of mine!

Tzatziki Sauce [Greek Odyssey: Illustrated International Cuisine]

This past March I had the awesome experience of going to Greece for a week! I saw amazing Classical architecture and important historical sites. Mainly we were staying in Athens, but we took day trips to different locations, and went as far as Olympia and Sparta. It was really amazing. Everything there was breathtakingly beautiful and inspiring. Our tour guide Betty was the best you could hope for, filled with stories, facts and history, always willing to answer questions and go to the next level. Also, she knew the best places to eat, and made sure I never had to worry about accidentally eating gluten!

Yes, the sites were excellent, and so was the food! Since coming back, there were a few dishes that I told myself I really had to recreate at home. This is one of them. My Mom and I ordered this at almost every meal. It compliments pretty much anything and you can just eat it with a spoon too; it’s that good. The famous Tzatziki Sauce! Made with Greek Yogurt, it’s rich, creamy and delicious. Making Greek Yogurt at home is a snap. Just strain your regular Yogurt for a few hours. I can make this in my sleep now, and I’ve laid out how you can make it at home in this handy dandy illustration!

Enjoy, and look forward to more Greek food illustrations coming over the summer!